Fighting Inflation

Secure Crypto Assets Proof-of-Work ASIC and FPGA resistance

ASIC and FPGA resistance

GhostRider It was built to discourage specialty hardware such as ASIC & FPGA enabling anybody to competitively mine it and increase overall decentralization.

Smart Node

Run Theta Smart Node and Earn FITA as a validator for certain tasks related to block validation, as well as InstantPay, as the anonymity and instant transaction features in Theta at a cost of 600,000 FITA locked up

Digital payment

Theta offers a new payment system in the digital world by using Theta (FITA) to pay or receive payments. Faster, cheaper and without the need for personal information (anonymous) and without anyone controlling (decentralized).

FITA & economics


Theta has a maximum 21 Billions supply, there will only be 21 Billions FITA forever and no one will be able to change it, then in whose hands will all FITA be?

In simple terms, each reward block will be divided into distribution, 70% to Miners, 25% to Smart Nodes and 5% to Developers. 5% of FITA is in the hands of the development team, 2% will be used for the Community, including for events such as Airdrops.

  • Public Hand – 95%
  • Development Team – 3%
  • Community – 2%

Download The Resources

The essence of Theta is in this resource, regarding the ecosystem, features, development, and published codes.


The whitepaper contains about how Theta works, Fitanomics, some documentation on how to develop, how to use Theta Core and other things.



More concise, short and easier to understand. Which contains more technical and complete information, without reducing the core information of the Whitepaper.


Source Code

Contains code in the programming language used to create Theta Core blockchain and wallets. Usually used by developers and developers from Theta.


Some Of Our
Awesome Partners

Platform that supports Theta (FITA) blockchain. Consists of Exchanges, Mining Pool, and several other supporters.
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Frequently Asked Questions

After running the Discord server, we received some frequently asked questions. Therefore we will summarize those questions here.

Theta is a digital currency known as Cryptocurrency that uses the GhostRider (Gr) algorithm with security guarded by thousands of nodes located around the world. By taking the Decentralized system to form delegates who are able to make decisions independently.

With the number of FITA 21 Billions that can never be changed by anyone, so that it can overcome future inflation because the amount is limited and can never be printed arbitrarily like the ancient USD currency.

Theta adopts a Blockchain system in which every transaction will be distributed to all validators to be checked, no one can change the transaction data because this blockchain (peer-to-peer) system requires every transaction to go through verification to thousands of nodes..

With this security system, the bad guys who want to falsify transactions are required to match data on all validator nodes scattered around the world at the same time, which is impossible.

LLMQ & Chainlocks have been active since September 19 2022 protecting the Theta network from 51% / double spend attacks. The activation of Chainlocks makes Theta one of the most secure digital currencies.

For Theta miners, each block created contains 5000 FITA which is distributed in 3 directions. 70% to miners, 25% to Validators (Smart Node) and 5% to Development teams.

With halvings, where every 210240 Blocks created, will reduce the number of block rewards by 50%.

Theta can be mined together with other miners through mining pools to increase efficiency in finding blocks, you can find a list of mining pools that support Theta mining at Miningpoolstats.stream

Theta was created with the hope of competing in replacing USD as a currency because USD is outdated and printed continuously without us knowing and it causes inflation so as we know that 1000 USD in 2010 and 1000 USD in 2022 do not have the same value, even by the same amount. USD has no longer been backed up using gold since August 18, 1971 which allowed the American Central Bank (The Fed) to "print USD massively", If USD can be backed up with trust only, then why can't Theta be backed up with trust too? Theta has a fixed amount of supply that will not change at any time, there will be no such thing as printing money arbitrarily, massively.

Why not choose Bitcoin to replacing USD?

Bitcoin is an antique, it's too expensive, you now pay a Bitcoin transfer fee of 0.00056 BTC (1.065 USD) but what if Bitcoin goes up in price in the future? imagine with a price of 100K USD for every BTC, how much transaction fee we have to pay? We think of Bitcoin as a digital asset for investment, not a currency for everyday use. Buy Bitcoin to hold and sell it in the future. Buy Theta to buy something else.

What about other Cryptocurrencies?

That's why Theta was created, it's never too late, we will compete as another option in a payment through the digital world. It's not just who invented it first, who created it first, but how to develop it in the future. You may be curious about the Road Map from Theta, we are confused about that, our wild thoughts and ideas are limitless.

Theta has opened its first trade on September 21, 2022 at Xeggex.com marketplace, you can Buy/Sell Theta there.

Look forward to the next opening of the Theta market.

In running the Theta SmartNode, it takes 600,000 FITA which will be locked while the SmartNode is running.

When you run a SmartNode, you will receive 1000 FITA for every block you verify, your smartnode will stop when you withdraw the 600,000 collateral.

Theta node peers are publicly available through the Official Theta Explorer which is located at chain.thetaspere.com in the tools -> peers menu.